Mixed Championship 2020-21

Mixed Championship 2020-21

First important milestone reached by the Milano Curling Club, which gains access to the national finals of the Italian Mixed Championship.

With two victories obtained over the weekend against Draghi Torino (for 5-4) and HC Varese (for 9-5) our team finished in fourth place in the elimination round.

Despite the defeats in the other two games of the weekend, there were excellent performances both against C.C. Pinerolo Mixed (winning 6-2) and again against Draghi Torino (this time winning 8-7 in the final match of the group at qualification already achieved), which testify to the remarkable progress made by the team and which legitimately give hope for a good result in the finals scheduled for the month of April.

Congratulations to Cocò, Martina, Alice, Vasco and Antonio for the excellent result.

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