Finals Mixed Doubles Italian Championship 2020-21

Finals Mixed Doubles Italian Championship 2020-21

Great performance of the pair Cocò Diletti-Antonio Lo Conte in the finals of the Italian Mixed Doubles Championship held in Pinerolo from 2 to 4 April.

Exempted from the first round, given the presence of only seven teams out of eight, the first match of Cocò and Antonio is already worth entering the final four.

Opposing the host team Vigliani-Maurino, our athletes have a difficult start, but soon they recover from the initial disadvantage and overturn the result at the end of the seventh end, going to the decisive end with an advantage of one point. However, it is not enough because the opponents take advantage of their greater experience and the hammer, winning three points that set the final score 9-7.

Opposing again to a team from Pinerolo, Gilli-Grande, who would later finish second, Cocò and Antonio compete in another great match, winning the first two ends. They suffer the return of their opponents, but the game is balanced and at the end of the fifth end our players are still ahead 3-2. Unfortunately, in the sixth end Gilli-Grande score four points and Cocò and Antonio can only score one last end, setting the final score 6-4 for the opponents.

Cocò and Antonio are ranked sixth, but our two players must be proud to have played at the same level as higher-rated opponents. Only a bit of experience and a little luck, always necessary on such occasions, were missing to obtain at least one victory that would have opened the doors for entry into the top four.

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