Third round Mixed Championship 2021-22

Third round Mixed Championship 2021-22

Last round of the championship for the Mixed team this past weekend.

Our athletes show up at the last appointment of the season in a reworked formation due to the absences of Antonio and Cocò (later recovered for the last match on Sunday), but they do not seem to be affected.

Alessandro makes his absolute debut in a championship match, after starting his journey with us at the beginning of the season, and provides a very valuable contribution.

Under the guidance of skip Martina, the Mixed team is the protagonist of a great first match on Saturday against the expert team from Pinerolo 2WandM, sharply beaten 8-2 with the opponents conceding the hand at the end of the seventh end.

The second match of the day against another Pinerolo team is less fortunate. Sporting Club Pinerolo wins 7-3 but the game is much more balanced than suggested by the final score, with the result always hovering until the sixth end, at the end of which the opponents lead 4-3. Three points scored in the seventh end are decisive.

With this defeat, the run-up to fourth place for access to the finals definitively vanishes, but there is still time for one last very convincing match.

In the last match of the round robin against the team from Turin, 4P, played in the early afternoon of Sunday, our team demonstrates once more the technical and tactical growth that has already emerged in the previous rounds of the championship. It scores a small break in the first half of the match and then controls the opponents’ comeback attempt in the second half for a final score of 6-3 in his favor.

With a final score of four wins and five losses, Milano Curling Mixed therefore closes the championship in seventh place in the ranking, but with several recriminations for the unfavorable outcome of a couple of games, lost on a tightrope and with a minimum gap.

In fact, our team has shown that it can compete on an equal level with almost all opponents and only one victory separates it from the fourth place which would have meant access to the finals.

It has certainly been a positive championship with all six players alternating on the ice during the season doing well and this is of good hope for next season.

You can follow the championship by clicking here.