In collaboration with the Jass Curling Club we organize free start-up courses in curling for new members: the right way to get closer to our sport!

The course is divided into two classes of 2 hours each.

After a brief theoretical smattering, you begin to approach ice safely. You will learn the technical fundamentals and the basic tactical notions. At the end of the course you are able to face a short game!

The membership to the club has a cost of Euro 40. The membership fee entitles you, in addition to the free start-up course with the assistance of dedicated instructors for both classes, to one additional free entrance on the ice to be used to continue learning the sport together with all the other members of the club, and free use of the equipment.


The meeting is at the rink of Palasesto ice arena, 20 minutes before the course starting time.


Courses take place on Sunday evenings at 9:30 p.m. for a maximum of 12 people normally.



We provide all the necessary equipment, you just have to bring a pair of clean sneakers (with enough grip) with you and wear comfortable sports clothes (avoid skirts or tight pants that limit movements).

Remember we are on ice, so a heavy sweatshirt and a pair of light gloves can come in handy.

WE ALL STarted like this...

corsi di curling

Courses schedule

The courses schedule is defined at the beginning of the season in agreement with the Jass Curling Club, but may be subject to changes during the year depending on requests.

The schedule will be published on this page as soon as defined and will be constantly updated.

Fill out the form below to request participation in a course, ensuring you provide the number of participants too.

You will receive at your email address the membership form (one for each participant), that you’ll have to fill in and return by email within 3 days from the date set for the start-up course to definitively confirm your participation.

Before the first class you will be asked to pay the membership fee of Euro 40. Payment must be made in cash (we do not have the POS)

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