Mixed Doubles Championship 2021-22

Mixed Doubles Championship 2021-22

Double win of the Milano Curling Club pair Martina Erba-Vasco Bergamaschi in the recovery matches of the mixed doubles championship held in Pinerolo over the weekend.

The first match was on Friday evening against the young pair from Pinerolo formed by the brothers Rebecca and Iacopo Dezzani. An uphill game for our pair who suffers an initial four-point end, but reacts promptly to overturn the score at the end of the fifth end. The sixth end is the prerogative of the opponents, who again reach a tie in the score, but in the two final ends our players finally stretch, closing the match on a score of 10-7.

The second match, played on Sunday afternoon against the Jass Curling Club pair Donatella Bennigartner-Valentino Masotti, is much less complicated. Martina and Vasco steal four consecutive ends and lead to 7-0 at halftime; then they control the opposing pair’s attempt to comeback, which only partially succeeds, without too many worries. The final result is 7-4 for our athletes.

With these two wins, Martina and Vasco take them to three wins in the group and to provisional seventh place in the standings together with three other teams, when there is still one match left.

Unfortunately, even winning the last remaining match, the third place, that would give access to the interregional semi-finals, is unattainable. The balance of the season is however positive, considering that our pair has always faced the championship rounds without having had the opportunity to carry out team training.

A bit of regret remains for the outcome of a couple of games over the course of the season, which were narrowly missed in the final ends and a different outcome would have left Martina and Vasco fully in the running for the semifinals.

You can follow the championship by clicking here.