Finals Mixed Italian Championship 2021/22

Finals Mixed Italian Championship 2021/22

In its first year of activity Milano Curling gets a great sport result, winning the first medal in its history in the national championships.

In the national finals of the Mixed 2020/21 Championship held at Pinerolo on 16 and 17 October 2021, postponed due to the pandemic, the Milano Curling Mixed team won a well-deserved bronze medal.

Our athletes Vasco Bergamaschi lead, Alice Gaudenzi second, Antonio Lo Conte third and Martina Erba and Cocò Diletti, who alternated in the role of fourth in the two matches played over the weekend, after winning the first game against HC Varese, for absence of the opponents, played against the Turin team Draghi 4Fun in the recovery semifinal.

Our team had a good approach, keeping the game balanced in the first half. Our opponents, however, were able to take advantage of their greater experience, scoring a sequence of three steals, which inexorably turned the outcome of the match in their favor.

It was therefore a challenge for the bronze medal against HC Varese in a game full of twists.

Milano Curling showed up with a slightly modified formation with Cocò in place of Martina and consequently with Alice who became skip in place of Martina.

A start with the handbrake on and some mistakes in the third end determined a partial of 1-6.

From this moment on, however, the game changed completely with our athletes showing that they had strong nerves as well as undoubted technical qualities. Concentration, head and heart made the difference.

First a 4-point end, then another 5-point end, intercalated with 2 points by HC Varese, overturned the inertia of the match with Milano Curling completing the overtaking at the end of the sixth end. The last two ends were played with extreme care with the teams winning a point each.

With the final result of 11-9 our athletes conquered the first medal in the history of Milan Curling: a bronze that, however, is worth much more than a gold to us.

Only enough time to celebrate this first milestone and the team, entirely confirmed, is ready for the new challenges of the 2021/22 championship which will begin shortly.


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